Diego Temperley

12 Nov 2015

Managing Director

• Mining, Agribusiness, Energy. Financing. Marketing

• Diego leads a comprehensive political and risk analysis platform that evaluates mining throughout Latam. He specializes in political, stakeholder and sustainability challenges in natural resources business with high-quality, high-impact work. He has successfully carried out business consulting, in Argentina and counterpart risk analysis ahead of an asset purchase, M&A, corporate affairs, crisis management, social media management , innovative local stakeholders management, access to national and provincial governments, communication strategies, or, the on-going monitoring of on-the-ground risks for natural resources big players, designing and executing both solid engagements and business development for clients.

• Over the past decade Diego provided investing, marketing and advisory services to clients, providing local support and direct interaction with the federal and provincial governments, regulators, NGO’s, local communities as well as other local stakeholders.

• Having gained invaluable experience in strategic business and public relations, Diego has combined this experience with a strong passion for providing clients: targeting strategic stakeholder communications; formulating flawless execution of promotional events for clients; assisting in preparation of marketing and communication materials; announcements and general shareholder relationships; detailing reports for board level decisions and process improvement; helping clients understand and resolve potential stakeholder and political challenges using tools based on global best practices and our on-the-ground experience.

• Speaker in a wide array of international mining conferences, like Latin-American Downunder (Perth), Mines & Money (Toronto, London, New York & Hong Kong) and IMARC (Melbourne).


• Email: dtemperley@naturalresources.com.ar

• Mobile: +54 911 6273-2127