Alfredo Primo

02 Mar 2020

Senior Advisor

• Academic: Lawyer, University of Buenos Aires. M.E. , Harvard University M.Ed. (Ed.,Gvmnt. & Biz School), International Barter Agreement. Harvard University, HBS & Reagan Administration (Agricultural-State Dept., Caribbean Basin Initiative). Fletcher School.

• Energy: Red Oak Energy, Chile-Argentina. Founding Partner. Gas Monetization both Liquefaction & Gas to Power.
• Mining: Minera Red Oak Chile, Founding Partner. Atacama Iron Hub Iron Mining. Copper Development.

• Technology: Innovative gas filtering devices. Process Management Efficiency.

• Agribusiness. Integrating Food Chain, Arg.-Chile Development, Founding Partner. Worked @ Commodity Trading House, Future Markets, Storage & Port Logistics.

• Textile: Marketing, Communications & Retail.

• Diversified international experience achieved both in Latin America and the United States. Founder and developer of business and projects of several companies related connected to Capital Market, Project Finance, Production, Logistics, Trading, Natural Resources sectors: agribusiness, mining and energy.


• Email:

• Office: +54 911 7009 8114