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Natural Resources S.A. offers Experience, Dedication and Commitment meld into making NRSA a niche financial boutique offering its Clients:

NARSA has successfully provided advisory services in order to generate value to Clients’ strategic, funding and operational decision-making process.

A distinctive feature is NARSA specialization in natural resources: namely, mining, energy (power, oil & gas) and agribusiness.

Focusing in these sectors is fundamentally based on two factors:

NARSA believes that these areas are key to Argentina economic development that should achieve a sustainable competitiveness well into the future.

NARSA team members strong background and expertise to solve client’s needs.


By bringing NARSA strength of our team’s expertise in strategic advisory, marketing & communications, government relationship, foreign direct investment, structured debt and M&A, Clients benefit from a comprehensive access to a very complete set of tools by which they may finance operations, set a strong presence in both local & global markets in order to achieve their growth objectives.

• Expertise in Specialized Areas

• Bespoke Services and Solutions

• Efficient and Effective Execution

• Benefits from NARSA Extensive Global Network


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